How to become an Equine Veterinary Nurse

If you are a lover of horses, there is no better career for you to join than that of an Equine veterinary nurse. However, there are various factors that you must consider if you are thinking of joining the filed. Due to the specialized duties, you will need to have a certain education level where you will learn about the quality procedures and sanitation’s quality standards needed by the professionals. The career is a medical art that is highly involved and thus requiring constant updates, knowledge and training.

In Australia, the duties that an equine nurse is supposed to perform include an equine surgical, medical as well as anesthetic nursing. In order to qualify, you will be required to study the different aspects of the anatomy. There may also be the need for radiographic procedures and clinical pathology.

With an equine nurse working alone most of the time, you must be ready to work without any supervision, make own decision and work under intense pressure. There are also some other less glamorous duties that an equine nurse may be expected to perform. These may include cleaning the equine facility, ensuring that the environment is clean, caring for foals together with their mothers and following the OHS procedures always. Even though it takes years of training and some proper qualification to become an equine nurse, there is a payoff when you become a respected member of an equine team.

To begin the process of becoming an equine nurse, you should begin by taking a course in basic biology and anatomy in school. It may also be essential to spend time around thoroughbreds, learning how they should be handled and cared for. This is not something that you learn in school. With horses being creatures that are sensitive, it may take a deft touch to effectively manage them and maintain their health levels at the optimum. Even though It can be a valuable and rewarding profession to be a part of an equine vet team, it also requires hard work, love, and dedication for a thoroughbred breeding and racing.

In Australia, it can be challenging to study as an equine veterinary nurse. You are required to go to TAFE to study the career. Before you can begin studying, you will require a vet practice of at least 15 hours. Without the hours, you are not allowed to begin the course. This may be hard as you must look for a position as a ‘trainee Vet nurse. This may be challenging to find as most of the clinics still prefer the Vet Nurses that are qualified.

After the training as an equine veterinary nurse, you can be employed in private clinics or other institutions such as animal welfare organizations, veterinary research or even the teaching institutions. Nowadays, there are even employment opportunities in merchandising and marketing pharmaceutical companies. There are a few who are joining the field of veterinary practice management such as surgical support, critical care nursing and dental. Therefore, the filed has unlimited job opportunities.