Vet Nurse Salary

Nurses are not only efficient in providing comfort among human patients but they are also good at providing the best care for animals. Veterinary nursing, according to many practitioners, is one of the most challenging and yet rewarding occupations. It is very different compared to the usual nursing careers that involve caring for humans since the patients in this special field cannot talk and express themselves properly. Being a veterinary nurse does not just require academic knowledge but experience, skills and proper attitude as well. A veterinary nurse needs to have patience in dealing with animals and critical thinking to analyze the problem of each of their patient. A career on Veterinary Nursing in Australia is not only a profession, it is a great calling.

Veterinary Nursing in Australia

Choosing veterinary nursing as a profession is not easy. If you choose to undergo 2 semesters of schooling, you will be receiving a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing from TAFE. With this certification, you can choose to get a higher education and enroll for a Diploma which can provide you with deeper understanding on critical care and surgeries conducted among animals. When you choose the practical trainings, you will be trained in the veterinary set-up to do certain obligations. Practical trainings for veterinary nursing have limited responsibilities since your knowledge and skills are not enough.

Duties of a veterinary nurse

Veterinary nursing is very unique since you need to do a lot of functions. The duties of a veterinary nurse include the following:
-Drug administration through different routes
-Pre and post operative care
-Monitoring and assessment
-Feeding and promotion of nutrition
-Assisting in surgical procedures
-Communicating with the pet owners
-Arranging appointments

Characteristics of a veterinary nurse

As a veterinary nurse, you will need to develop certain qualities so you can provide the best care for animals. The characteristics of a veterinary nurse include the following:
-loves animals and wants to care for them
-interacts with animals with ease
-good communication skills
-knowledge on the physical anatomy of animals

Employment of a veterinary nurse

Veterinary nursing is one of the fastest growing careers not just in Australia but in many areas of the world. As a vet nurse, you will never run out of prospect spots for a job. You can choose veterinary hospitals, pharmaceutical centers, animal shelters and many others. These settings can effectively enhance your knowledge and skills in veterinary nursing so you can further understand pets and animals.

Vet Nurse Salary

Many individuals choose veterinary nursing not only because it is unique and challenging but also because it provides high salaries. Different settings in several locations in Australia provide different salaries for vet nurses. If you are a lead veterinary nurse, you can have as much as $50,000 to $55,000 annually in Melbourne. Veterinary nurses in Sydney can have $40,000-$45,000 annually. As your position goes higher, your salary can go much higher. Your level of education, which is a basic qualification, can help you get higher salaries.

There is no wonder why many individuals choose vet nursing. If you are looking for a career to take, becoming a Veterinary Nurse is an excellent choice.